Helpdesk refers to a range of maintenance activities that the IT outsourcing engineers undertake in order to guarantee the desktop to provide normal function and service. It comprises the maintenance for hardware layer, infrastructure software layer and application software layer of IT desktop, mainly including the installation, configuration, upgrade, fault diagnosis and exclusion etc.

The contents of the helpdesk IT outsourcing service provided by Raresoft:


1. Computer installation, computer maintenance and computer maintenance.

2. The updating and maintenance of computer terminal hardware.

3. The installation, configuration and maintenance of operating system.

4. The updating of operating system software patch.

5. The installation, configuration and maintenance of database.

6. The installation and maintenance of commonly used software.

7. System backup and recovery.

8. Important data backup and recovery.

9. Computer Virus Prevention.

10. Updating the virus database of network anti-virus software and hardware.

11. The maintenance of a variety of computer peripherals, including printers, copiers, scanners, mobile storage, digital cameras and camcorders etc.

12. The inventory of IT assets.

13. To purchase computer-related equipment, or to provide a reliable Supplier Profile.

14. Hardware repair service.

15. To tailor a computer-related management norms guidelines and IT systems maintenance reports for enterprise customers, including configuration records, maintenance records, change records.


The service value of Raresoft Helpdesk:

1. To make sure the desktop system’s availability, security, efficiency and stability for enterprises.

2. Improve the satisfaction of customer and employee.

3. To maintain enterprise IT asset information and avoid loss of assets and Non-business applications occupying resources.

4. To liberate the enterprise’s IT department so as to let it go back to the core business of enterprise IT planning and construction.

5. To reduce the costs of IT maintenance.