Equipment Room Maintenance

Equipment Room Maintenance

Raresoft through the four basic elements of the equipment room: structure, systems, services, management, and the interlinkages between them makes optimal plans, and provide a reasonable investment but also efficient and convenient IT environment to help companies achieve multifaceted target including cost, convenience and safety; through a modular cabling network with high flexibility and reliability to connect voice, data, image and a variety of equipment and devices for control and management, to meet changing business IT needs, while minimizing the enterprise IT costs.

Raresoft provides the following categories of equipment room maintenance services for customers:

1. Equipment Room Safety Assessment

Our engineers conduct specialized assessments on clients’ equipment room facilities, cabling system, strong and weak electricity equipment, fire fighting equipment, UPS systems, network devices, servers etc., and propose improvement programs to the hidden dangers that do not meet the equipment room safety norms, to ensure the safety of the core equipment, server and line.

2. To Establish a Equipment Room Management System

Including the establishment of a sound file management system of equipment room and equipment registration and maintenance manuals for the registration, inspection and regular maintenance work of various equipment, making network topology, AC and DC power distribution diagram, cable laying plans, circuit data , cable data, maintenance data and contingency plans.

3. Equipment Failure Emergency Treatment

If Raresoft’s engineers discover any hidden safety problem in the daily inspection, they will keep customers informed and rapidly do troubleshooting and implement improvement measures, in case of machine failure, after timely maintenance, they will identify the cause of the failure, do troubleshooting and logs the situation.

4. Data Security

Good data backup work for customers to ensure customer data security; when room equipment and line change, conducting real-time network adjustment, update and improving the network structure, device configuration, wiring and other documentation date ensure that customers can work normally and stably.


Equipment Room Maintenance