Enterprise Network Security Maintenance

Enterprise Network Security Maintenance

Our network has a very high safety requirement. As there are more and more key applications and critical data in network, how to protect the security of critical business data becomes critical work in network operation and maintenance.

Network security due to different environments and applications arises the different types, mainly in the following categories: system security, network security, information dissemination security and information content security.

Tianjin Raresoft enterprise IT security services take "risk management" as the basic principle. First, we need to understand the enterprises’ business requirements to help clients sort out their security needs, then from the three aspects of management, construction, operation and maintenance to help clients improve security work. "Management" is mainly to establish a set of information security management system tailored for customers’ characteristics and needs; "construction" is to link up the integration of products security with the customer's information security system; "O & M" is to focus on customer daily work and long-term security needs based on the safety monitoring center.

1. Enterprise Information Security Assessment Service
To conduct a comprehensive detection and assessment of the IT system in accordance with relevant international and industry standards and provide professional assessment reports and repair recommendations by senior security engineer.

2. Enterprise Information Security Architecture and Planning Service
Assisting enterprise customers to establish information security management system in accordance with enterprise status, including the strategic and standard, processes and management mechanism of information security and the use of tools, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting enterprise information assets.

3. Information Security Management Systems Consulting Service
Raresoft in many years of helping customers implement information system security management has accumulated a wealth of experience, has a set of comprehensive information system security management practices, and can solve customers’ problems in real time online, by phone and through sending engineers.

4. Enterprise Applications Security Assessment Service
Enterprise applications security assessment service takes "risk management" as the basic principle to conduct a comprehensive in-depth assessment of the safety of enterprises’ critical applications, combined with the industry's best practices to help you discover and understand the security risks in application system and provide risk reduction methods.

5. Enterprise Information Security Integration Service
Combined with our own best practices of information security and experience in the installation and operating of security products, Raresoft provides customers with overall integrated information security system service including security consulting, master planning, program design, system construction, integration implementation and security operation and maintenance etc., to help customers build compliant information security system.

6. Enterprise Information Security Reinforcement Service
Using advanced deep security system, to conduct planning, upgrade and adjustment from a security point of view, strengthen the control of network access, access to 7 × 24 hours of network security and network management and provide comprehensive security reinforcement for enterprise’s information server farms.

7. Enterprise Identity and Authority Management Systems Service
Integration work of identity management; providing enterprise identity and authority management systems service to help you create a enterprise identity and authority management system that allows you to have a unified user identity and authority management platform to conduct effective control through centralized management and monitoring.

8. Information Security Audit and the Construction of Compliance Management Mechanism Service
With the consultant team having rich knowledge and experience, combined with the information system security management methodology that has already been executed and verified by thousands of customers around the world, Raresoft can help you to make appropriate audit regulations and safety inspection policy according to the laws and regulations and the actual needs of the industry, after determining the security compliance checklist, to import audit event records and compliance management tools.

9. Enterprise Security Monitoring Center
Raresoft in many years of helping customers implement information system security management, has accumulated a wealth of experience, can provide you with sound information security operation center solutions and help you establish a unified, centralized and high-efficiency information security operation center.


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