Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

A good website needs to be updated regularly or irregularly in order to continue to attract more visitors and increase visit traffic. Website maintenance is to make your website operate stably on the Internet in long term.

Website maintenance is to make your website long-term stability and timely adjust and update your website content, seizing more networking opportunities in a rapidly changing information society.

Tianjin Raresoft provides you with professional integrated website maintenance program from the following aspects.

1. Web Server Maintenance

Including Web servers, operating systems, Internet connection lines, etc., in order to ensure 24 hours uninterrupted running of the website.

2. Website Security Maintenance

With the growing number of hackers and the continuous intrusion of malicious software, website security is increasingly being challenged, like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, text uploading vulnerability, etc., and website security maintenance is also becoming an increasingly important module. Website security hazards are mainly due to the presence of website vulnerabilities, but the websites without vulnerabilities do not exist in the world, so the key to maintain website security is to detect vulnerabilities early and timely repair vulnerabilities, by professional website vulnerability scanning, to find the website and server vulnerabilities and timely repair them.

3. Website Content Update

It’s easy to build a website, but difficult to maintain it. For the Website, only by constantly updating the content, can we ensure the website’s vitality, or the website not only can’t play its due role, but cause an adverse impact on their own image. How to quickly and easily update the website and improve updating efficiency is a difficulty problem many sites are facing. Raresoft’s website content update service is a good solution to the maintenance bottleneck of website content update, making the website run smoothly in long term.


Website Maintenance