Website Server

Website Server

Website servers refer to the servers that store websites in the Internet data center, which is mainly used for the publishing and application of websites and the hardware infrastructure of network applications.

The website server can deploy and build PHP, ASP, JSP, .NET application environments according to the needs of web applications. Two popular environments are LINUX + PHP / JSP + APACHE / TOMCAT + MYSQL environment and WINDOWS + IIS + ASP / .NET + MSSQL environment.

Deploying website server is generally through renting or hosting server in the IDC service providers or hosting equipment room yourself. Deploying website server should select appropriate IDC service providers according to the user's geographical distribution. For example, if the website is mainly used for international trade and online orders, then you should choose an IDC service provider with international bandwidth outlet (Hong Kong and Shanghai’s international bandwidth is sufficient).

Cloud server (Elastic Compute Service, referred to as ECS) is a kind of computing service with elastically scalable processing capability, whose management style is more simple and efficient than physical servers. Cloud server helps you quickly build more stable and secure applications, and reduce the difficulty of developing operation and maintenance and overall IT costs, allowing you to focus more on the innovation of core business.

Raresoft provides you with a comprehensive range of cloud server rental service.

1. Unique domestic resources and overseas resources

Raresoft can provide you with many areas of cloud host rental service, including Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and other European regions, covering the whole territory of Europe and the US east and west coasts, resolving cross-regional access bottleneck of enterprise website server. (US nodes and 275 network operators are interconnected; domestic ping value delays 49ms on the average, with a minimum of 8ms, connected with the total bandwidth 25G. European node’s ping value delays 38.5ms on the average, with a minimum of 9ms and the total bandwidth outlet of 1Tb, connected with several 10G and 100G network operators.)

2. High-quality Network

With the two lines of Unicom and Telecom, high-quality multi-line BGP network, a maximum of eight-line BGP.

3. Safe and Reliable

To provide multi-dimensional comprehensive protection from the data security, network isolation to customized firewall.

4. Economical and Affordable

To provide various levels of host configuration, providing scalable website cloud server according to your needs to maximize the cost savings.

5. Attentive Service

7×24-hour customer service, ready for you to share those concerns.


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