Virtualization refers to by virtualization technology virtualize a computer into multiple virtual logic computers, running multiple logical computers on a single computer at the same time, each logical computer can run different operating systems and applications can run within their independent spaces and won’t affect each other, and thus significantly improving the efficiency of the computer.

Virtualizing the usage of software to redefine and divide IT resources enables the dynamic allocation, flexible scheduling and cross domain sharing of IT resources and improve the utilization of IT resource, enabling IT resources to truly become a social infrastructure and service the flexibly changing application requirements in all walks of life.

Raresoft’s virtualization solutions include:

1. IT virtualization demand analysis

The main task of enterprise IT virtualization demand analysis is to clear the detailed project requirements and collect the necessary information for the subsequent design and implementation.

2. IT resource pools planning and design

The main task of enterprise IT resource pool planning and design is in accordance with the demand for the functionality, capacity, reliability, availability, scalability, security and manageability of IT resource pools put forward in the phase of demand analysis, to select appropriate IT virtualization technology and design the overall structure of enterprise virtualization IT system and the construction and deployment of each resource pool, to provide the current and future IT application systems with virtualized IT operating environment that meets their operational requirements.

3. The evolution to virtualized IT environments

After the completion of the planning and design of IT resource pools, we can begin to establish seed resource pools and select an appropriate method to gradually transfer the application system from the current physical operating environment to a virtualized IT environment. The design and implementation of evolution process will introduce the business continuity management method, striving to make the risks of evolution process and the impact on business controlled within an acceptable range.

4. Establishment of IT resource management system

After the deployment and use of IT virtualization technology, a new management object - a resource pool come into being. IT management system should be able to manage resource pools, including the application, distribution, monitoring, evaluation, scheduling and recycling of resources. Enterprises can modify the current ITSM processes to meet the needs of resource pools management, but also can create new IT resource management system.

Enterprise IT virtualization construction process is a process of continuous improvement. After the establishment of IT resource management system, we can use the management capability provided by the management system to check and evaluate the result of the implementation of IT virtualization and put forward demands and suggestions for further improvement.

We follow IT virtualization implementation methods, through demand analysis, planning and design, virtualization implementation, management system construction and virtualization assessment to provide "integrated" services for customers.


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