The Overall Construction of Equipment Room

The Overall Construction of Equipment Room

The overall construction of equipment room is the infrastructure for the reliable operation of computer, network and communication systems, which need to constantly introduce and update advanced design concepts and design ideas. In this information age and all walks of life that regard information as life, computer room is incorporated into a column of infrastructure’s core engineering due to its status and role of nerve center.

For the problems faced by enterprise customers in the construction of equipment room, Tianjin Raresoft as a system integration merchant has accumulated rich experience in the process of equipment room construction service and can provide the system integration solutions of network computer room construction for enterprise customers with different needs.

Equipment room construction includes the following related content: comprehensive wiring, antistatic floor laying, UPS power supply, equipment room’s environment, power monitoring system, equipment expansion on shelves, cabinet installation, servers installation on shelves, network equipment installation on shelves, storage equipment installation on shelves.

Since equipment room has a certain complexity, with the development of business, management task will certainly become increasingly onerous. Therefore, during the design of the equipment room, we must establish a comprehensive and sound equipment room management and monitoring system. The chosen equipment should have intelligent and manageable functions, meanwhile the advanced management and monitoring system equipment and software should be used for the advanced centralized management to quickly determine faults, improve operation performance and reliability, and simplify the maintenance of equipment room management.

Reasonable planning and construction of the equipment room will bring us four benefits in terms of the layout:

1. Space-saving;

2. The effective management of cable improves the passage of air flow;

3. Improving the reliability of equipment operation. The association between reliability and energy conservation is that due to the increased reliability, all of the associated costs will be lowered, and the lowered cost of maintenance and management indirectly play a role in energy conservation;

4. The rational layout and structure can improve the security and stability of the equipment room, while taking the perspectiveness of technology into consideration to ensure the basic network can meet future needs.


The Overall Construction of Equipment Room
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