Comprehensive Wiring

Comprehensive Wiring

Comprehensive wiring is a modular and highly flexible information transmission channel within a building or between buildings. It enables voice equipment, data equipment, switching equipment and various control devices to be connected with information management systems together, and also makes these devices connected with external communication network.

Comprehensive wiring system should be open architecture, should be able to support telephone and a variety of computer data systems, also should be able to support the needs of video conferencing and surveillance television system. Cabling system can be divided into six sub-systems: the work area subsystem, wiring (horizontal) subsystem, trunk (vertical) subsystem, equipment subsystem, management subsystem and campus subsystem.

The contents of comprehensive wiring services provided by Tianjin Raresoft:

1. Networking Planning Consultation: according to customer requirements and network status, providing customers with the consulting services of Tianjin network construction or expansion, to help customers determine the network planning.
2. Networking Equipment Selection: according to customers’ demand characteristics of network engineering and based on the features of various types of network equipment that equipment suppliers offer to help customers make comprehensive analysis in terms of functionality, performance, price and service and put forward selection proposals.
3. Networking Solution Design: according to the specific needs of customers to design networking solution, including networking technology, network structure, communications circuits, network equipment, network resource allocation and planning (such as IP addresses, routing policy), network management system and network security system.
4. The Debugging and Opening of System: according to the network design scheme to configure the network equipment and debug the entire customer network, to ensure anti-magnetism, heat dissipation and standardization and help customers open business.
5. Network Engineering Documents: after the implementation and acceptance of the network integration project, the documents related to the project will be delivered to the customer to facilitate customers to use and maintain the network in the future.
6. Network Engineering After-sales Service: :after the acceptance of the network integration project, to provide customers with different levels and different forms of after-sales support services.

Comprehensive Wiring of Network Engineering Service Principles

1. Practicability: using mature and reliable technology and equipment to achieve practical, economical and effective results;
2. Openness: using open standards and technology;
3. Reliability: to ensure the highest reliability, with high MTBF (mean time between failures) and low average failure rate;
4. Security: with good security, to ensure the safe operation of network system and data;
5. Advancement: using advanced technology and equipment, in line with the trend of the future development of the network;
6. High Efficiency: with a high resource utilization;
7. Scalability: with good scalability in terms of both scale and performance;
8. High Cost-effective: with high cost-effective, giving priority to technology and taking into account the price.

Maintenance and Quality Assurance

Tianjin Raresoft gives the commitment of "wiring once, lifetime warranty".

1. Providing regular inspection and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the lines connectivity to keep the permanent continuity of lines within the service period.
2. Providing maintenance services for the users’ adjustment of line port, personnel transposition and other changes in work.
3. For the comprehensive wiring system that is not built by our company , our company will conduct the overall assessment and overhaul of the original line at the beginning of undertaking the project and put forward improvement opinions on issues and risks, helping customers further perfect the network system and improve office security.


Comprehensive Wiring