Computer Repair and System Maintenance

Computer Repair and System Maintenance

The problems of staff shortage, trivial work, too much emergency and trivial system maintenance are becoming gradually enterprises’ headache problems. Tianjin Raresoft provides professional system optimization, system integration and system management and maintenance services solutions, which help customers avoid the worries of traditional system maintenance, make the system more scientific and stable, performance more powerful and enable enterprise to optimize IT investments.

Hardware Maintenance

1. To analyze system errors and carry spare parts in time to conduct on-site maintenance and replacement.
2. To upgrade the system board and equipment’s micro-code and conduct the detection and judgment of the fault system.
3. To carry out the periodic preventive maintenance of equipment.
4. To provide equipment maintenance, repair records and reports.
5. To coach mastering the basic operation of the system and give technical support.
6. To provide technical training and impart experience to customers.


Software Maintenance

1. To provide 24-hour telephone support and remote assistance support for the operational aspects of the system software.
2. To provide technical support for system maintenance and adjustment, security settings and other aspects.
3. To record and analyze system software errors and conduct the fault diagnosis of operating system.
4. To implement the distribution, installation and testing of system enhancements and patches.
5. To coach mastering the basic operation of the system software and give technical support.
6. To carry out the periodic preventive maintenance and inspection of the operation of system software.
7. To provide system optimization and performance tuning.
8. To provide equipment maintenance, repair records and reports.

Related solutions include:

1. Operating system security reinforcement service solution

Faced with today's highly complex network environment, information security is undoubtedly the most important that ensures the normal operation of your business. As an important part of information security, the operating system-level security is also worth your attention. Raresoft’s engineers will assess the security vulnerabilities and security risks that exist in your operating system and conduct deep security reinforcement from the operating system level. Through a series of security reinforcement process specially customized for you, the security vulnerabilities of operating system can be effectively repaired and the security risks of the system can be greatly reduced.

2. IT system performance optimization integrated solution

If you are not satisfied with your business response speed and system performance, based on all aspects of your existing host, storage, operating system, database, application server and application program, we will use professional monitoring tool to collect complete system performance data, then analyze and diagnose the problem to put forward a reasonable and feasible optimization proposal, maximizing the use of existing hardware and software resources, to conduct targeted system adjustment and optimization, so that your IT systems can maximize the effectiveness and provide efficient protection for enterprise’s evolving business.

3. Full software support solution

Tianjin Raresoft network maintenance service provides customers with professional and comprehensive operation and maintenance support services and software project implementation planning services. The operation and maintenance support services methods include on-site technical support service and performance tuning service. At the same time, we provide customers with software implementation planning services in the construction or renovation period of enterprise business systems.

4. System high availability service solution

Under IT environment how to ensure the stability, continuity and manageability of business has become an urgent problem to be solved. Through the overall assessment of relevant system architecture, reliability and stability, we put forward practical rationalization proposal to enhance the usability of enterprise systems and completely eliminate customers’ business interruption caused by storage failure. At the same time, we can also tailor various levels of disaster recovery systems for customer to avoid an accident results that the system is destroyed and can not run in long term.

5. System architecture supports service solution

During the construction period of business systems, we provide you with the overall system architecture solutions, including design, implementation, and operation and maintenance management. According to customers’ needs, combined with the application requirements to the performance and high availability, we provide optimal system architecture design. Operation and maintenance management service will further ensure the high-reliability and high-efficiency operation of IT system, ultimately reducing the risk of IT investment.

6. System virtualization service solution

Virtualization technology service can help enterprises improve the efficiency of business operation. Our services are mainly reflected in the aspects of virtual resource and virtual management. By creating virtual partitions and building the virtualization of cluster system, storage and tape library, it will integrate all enterprise IT resources into a huge logical resource pool so that IT resource can be shared and fully used. In addition, we also provide comprehensive virtual management program to help you effectively manage the usage and performance of different types of enterprise resource, effectively reducing management costs.

7. Monitoring service solution

With the scale of information system increasingly large and complex, the hardware and software systems from a variety of platforms and manufacturers all need information manager’s maintenance. To help administrators release from the complex and repetitive routine maintenance work, more calmly deal with emergencies, prevent accidents and reduce the impact on the business, Raresoft provide the monitoring service of system, database, middleware, hardware and other levels, and customize monitoring service according to customers’ demands.

8. The original service

Comprehensively guarantee enterprise IT runs smoothly, except for selecting high-performance equipment, we also provide throughout after-sales maintenance and technical support services.