Enterprise Mailbox

Enterprise Mailbox

Enterprise mailbox is the mailbox which takes the company's own domain name as a suffix, such as: name @ enterprise domain. Owning enterprise mailbox, enterprises can set e-mail for their employees, can also set up different administrative authorities based on needs and e-mail group sending function among department members or companies staff. Except to send and receive e-mail by the normal terminal mail program (eg. outlook) , enterprise mailbox can also send and receive and manage mail in WEB way, which is more convenient than the e-mail provided by ISP and the general mailbox provided virtual hosts.

Enterprise mailbox is created by using enterprises their own domain name as a suffix, reflecting a unified corporate brand and image, facilitating enterprises to conduct the unified management of their own mail system and protecting the high efficiency and safety of enterprises dealings business correspondence. Nowadays in Internet age, Enterprise mailbox is already an indispensable communications management tool for modern enterprises.

Enterprise mailbox has the following advantages:

1. Establishing an enterprise brand image
Based on an independent enterprise domain name, promoting enterprise self-image. The real enterprise mailbox must use their companies’ domain name as a suffix, which makes enterprises have more distinct enterprise image, effectively unifying enterprise image. Enterprise email system will become an indispensable tool for enterprise to externally propagandize and engage in business.

2. Having its own commercial value
For enterprises, the mail often has great commercial value, in order to ensure the smooth flow of mail communication, you need to have a higher level of security, stability, and efficiency of enterprise mail service. At the same time this can also avoid the problems of losing business and so on caused by staff turnover.

3. Enterprise can independently manage information assets
According to the specific situation of staff, to reasonably plan and set the mail on their own, or by department architecture or functional classification to set up the account to uniformly manage the employee accounts’ related functions and authorities. At the same time, using enterprise mailbox’s attached functions can enhance internal communication and the capacity of coordination office.

4. Higher security
Enterprise mailbox usually uses server load balancing technology, with anti-virus, anti-spam, professional data backup and other functions, ensuring that the system is stable and date is safe and reliable.

5. Enterprises invest less cost
Enterprises can choose their own mail products according to their needs, without the need to purchase any additional hardware and software equipment and equip with professional technique and management personnel, greatly saving the cost of enterprises spending.


Enterprise Mailbox