Monitoring System

Monitoring System

Security monitoring system is an independent and complete system from image pickup, image display to record, which apply optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transfer video signals in its closed loop. It can present the object being monitored in real time and in truth, which not only greatly extend the viewing distance of the human eye, but also expand the function of the human eye. It can replace the manual labor to conduct long-time monitoring in harsh environments, enable people see all what actually happened at monitored scenes, and record it through video camera. At the same time alarm system devices will give an alarm against illegal invasion, and the alarm will be input into alarm host, then the alarm host triggers the monitoring system to make video and record.

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Raresoft’s overall security monitoring systems follow eight design principles:

1. Real time: monitoring system’s real time, which is particularly important. It is due to the monitoring system’s real time that the monitoring system seems so necessary.

2. Security: monitoring system has security defense and confidentiality measures to prevent the illegal invasion of system and illegal operation.

3. Scalability: the monitoring system equipment uses modular structure, and the system can easily and flexibly be expanded in a hardware and software when the monitoring scale, monitoring objects or monitoring requirements change, that is, there is no need to change the structure of the network and the main hardware and software equipment.

4. Openness: monitoring system follows the principle of openness, and the system provides the interface and tools of software, hardware, telecommunications, networks, operating systems, database management systems and other aspects in line with international standards, which makes the system have good flexibility, compatibility, scalability and transferability. The entire network is an open system, which is compatible with a number of monitoring manufacturers’ products and support secondary development.

5. Standardization: the equipment and technology used in monitoring systems is in line with internationally common standards, which can give you a reassuring guarantee.

6. Flexibility: the networking modes of monitoring system is flexible; the system function and configuration is flexible, which can take full advantage of the network resources of existing video monitoring subsystem. The system integrates other sub-systems into itself to meet the business needs of different monitoring units, with comprehensive software function and easy configuration.

7. Advancement: the monitoring system is as advanced as possible under the premise of meeting the reliability and practicality. The entire system keeps advanced within ten years after the completion, whose equipment and technology is able to adapt to the future development and easily upgrade. It will become an advanced security system, which adapts to the future development, with high reliability, good confidentiality, simple network expansion, strong connection data processing capability and simple system running manipulation.

8. Practicality: video monitoring system has the capacity and standard to complete the function that the project requires. System complies with the requirements of domestic and international relevant norms that the project actually needs, and easy to implement and easy to operate. From the user’s perspective, we make full use of existing resources and minimize system cost, to make the system have a high cost performance.