Data Storage and Recovery

Data Storage

Data is in a format recorded on a computer's internal or external storage media. At present, there are mainly three storage: DAS (Direct Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage), SAN (Storage Area Network).

As companies develop, the invest in their business data and storage devices will be growing, which brings the company troublesome management issues.Raresoft helps you achieve high efficiency of data storage, query and recovery and improve storage efficiency, and the data is converted to flexibly assignable and allocatable IT resources, to enhance IT flexibility, lower operating costs and improve return on investment.

According business needs of enterprise customers, through research, planning, implementation, and management processes, Raresoft helps you achieve the adjustment and allocation of storage resources, reduce the current burden of storage and maintain the flexibility of IT systems.

1. Storage Optimization Service

Through data collection of storage performance, stress testing and bottlenecks point analysis, to analyze your current storage conditions; using storage performance optimization and storage virtualization solutions, to achieve the best match of storage value and storage performance to improve storage efficiency.

2. Storage High Availability Service

To offer a variety of solutions from multiple levels of operating systems, storage, databases, and applications for the company to completely eliminate the worry of business interruption caused by storage fault, including operating-system-level data across storage real-time backup solution, store-level data across storage backup solution and database-level data across storage backup solutions.

3. Storage Virtualization Service

Including virtual storage management and virtual tape library service, to realize the virtual management and access of storage and more convenient data backup and recovery and data sharing, so to help you simplify storage infrastructure, optimize storage utilization, and quickly and dynamically adapt to changing IT environment.

4. Life-cycle Management Service

Depending on your specific needs, to make automatic management solutions of information saving. Raresoft helps you develop a sound data backup and recovery solutions, and according to the data classification, hardware configuration layering, saving the policy, data storage and retrieval and other steps to achieve the automatic data management, in terms of data storage to meet your current and future needs.


Data Recovery

Data Recovery refers to the techniques that rescue and recover, through technical means, the lost electronic data saved in desktop hard drive, notebook hard drive, server hard drive, storage tape library, mobile hard disk, U disk, digital memory cards, MP3 etc.. When storage media damages or due to misoperation and the failure of operating system itself date become invisible, unreadable and lost, engineers can read the date by special means which is invisible, unreadable and can not be read in the normal state.

For enterprise customers, if some significant data lose, it will cause unpredictable loss. Data recovery technology can help you recover lost data.

Raresoft can offer you the following data recovery services:

1. Soft Malfunction: Date lost caused by such factors as accidental delete, accidental formatting, mistaken partition, mistaken clone, partition table’s loss, failure of PQ adjusting partitions, MBR loss, virus damage, misuse, boot sector information loss, hacker attacks, RAID0, RAID0, RAID5, RAID10’s failure.

2. Hard Malfunction: Not recognizing disk, head burned, chip burned, head aging, head offsetting, circuit board damaged, discs scratched, hard disk damaged and firmware information lost and so on.

3. Other Malfunction: Accidental delete, accidental formatting, displaying unformatted and supporting hard drive, removable hard disk, U disk data recovery.

4. System Malfunction: Partition loss, improper configuration when installing operating system causes the operating system can not boot, supporting operating systems include Windows, Mac, Linux.