Office Equipment Rental & Procurement

Office Equipment

Office equipment mainly include ax machines, printers, copiers, projectors, paper shredders, scanners etc., which people are familiar with.

Copiers, printers, fax machines and so on are sophisticated office equipment, which integrate optics, mechanical and electronic technology as one, by using small-particle electrostatic toner and electrostatic principle, form an electrostatic latent image on a photosensitive material, attach tiny toner on the photosensitive material and then transfer it to the paper to give the desired copy. Inside the machine transmission parts, optical components and high-pressure components easily attach tiny paper, floating toner, etc., which will affect the quality and longevity of copier and printer. We encourage regular maintenance, proactive repair and minimized machine downtime, to get the best efficiency and value.

Raresoft launches a whole office outsourcing solutions, including office equipment rental, office equipment procurement, office consumables procurement. Solutions encompass the procurement, usage, maintenance and repair of equipment, supplies and consumables involved in the office, to help customers staying at home to solve all problems encountered in office applications, reduce the waste of money during use and reduce capital investment and operational costs.

1. Office Equipment Rental

By renting hardware devices, customers don’t need to make large-scale investment in equipment and require routine maintenance and repair of equipment. For printers, copiers and other equipment, we offer a stepped-price rental solution according to customers’ usage amount and other factors. Customers can make flexible choices according to their amount of usage, effectively reducing the cost. Our rental services include a black and white copier leasing, color copier leasing, printer leasing.

2. Office Equipment Procurement

Through communication with customers and research, to make a reasonable estimate for the application needs and prospects of customers. At the same time, we will understand deeply the situation of customers’ existing equipment and other related equipment for future need, to make a reasonable and most suitable office equipment procurement program for clients on this basis, so that the equipment customers will buy match the office environments perfectly, truly meeting customers’ needs and controlling the cost well. Meanwhile, according to our experience we will recommend customers post-use products with lower price but same functions.

3. Office Consumable Procurement

Common office consumables include ink cartridges, toner cartridges, toner container, paper and consumable parts inside the office equipment. Commonly used consumables are generally divided into the following four categories.

A. Original consumables: with high usage cost, high output quality, good stability, it can reduce the costs of maintenance;
B. Compatible consumables: low usage cost, output quality and equipment stability in general;
C. Counterfeit consumables: usage cost is not always low, the output quality is not guaranteed, there may be damage to the equipment;
D. Filling powder and filling ink: with the lowest usage cost and technical requirements, the output quality and stability is poorer.

Original consumables and compatible consumables with higher popularity are preferred, customers can choose corresponding consumables solutions according to actual needs.


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