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IT Outsourcing Services in Tianjin

To contract out the enterprise information construction works to professional IT outsourcing services company.

IT Outsourcing Services include:Informatization Planning (consulting), Equipment and Software Selection, Network Systems and Application Software System Construction, the Routine Maintenance and Upgrading of the Entire System network etc.

Making full use of Raresoft’s professional services and technology allows businesses to obtain high-quality IT services and complete the necessary security services more economically, more professionally and more quickly.

IT Outsourcing in Tianjin

Professional IT Outsourcing Services

Sincerely for the sake of customers, it is our principles and operational philosophy upholding consistently to create value for customers by providing professional IT outsourcing services.

Network Maintenance in Tianjin

Superb Network Maintenance Services

No need for service is the best service. We apply quite a lot of advanced technology and rich experience in IT operation and maintenance to minimize problems the company encountered in IT demand.

Network Engineering

Overall Network Engineering Services

We deeply understand the importance of informatization construction for the company's development. The scalable IT infrastructure deployment will clear the way for the future development of the company.

Website Design

Website Design Services

Based on the most advanced technology and the most elaborate graphics, we provide website building services for business. Combined with SEO techniques, we can better create value for customers.

Website and Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Through HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap + JQuery etc. advanced technology to create a safe, stable and reliable PHP + Zend Framework + MySQL based enterprise web applications.

17 years Experience in Service

Years of experience

Experience is the value.

In 17 years of IT outsourcing services in Tianjin, we have accumulated a lot of IT outsourcing and network maintenance services experience, we can create better value for customers.