NAS Centralized Secure Storage

NAS Centralized Secure Storage

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is based on standard network protocols for data transmission, providing file sharing and data backup to network computers with various different operating systems like Windows / Linux / Mac OS etc..

NAS is a kind of technology, which integrates data distributing independently into large and intensively manageable data center, in order to access different hosts and application servers access. Simply, it’s a device with data storage function that connected to the network, and therefore also known as "network storage", a dedicated data storage server. It takes date as center, completely separating storage devices from servers, and centrally manage data, so as to free bandwidth, improve performance, reduce total cost of ownership and protect investment. Its cost is much lower than server storage, but the efficiency is much higher than the latter.

NAS are disk arrays connected by a network cable, with all main features of the disk array: high capacity, high performance, high reliability.


1. NAS has the characteristic of easy and fast installation;
2. Easy to maintain;
3. With very good scalability;
4. With faster response speed and higher data bandwidth;
5. With a lower requirements of server, which greatly reduces the cost of server and is conductive to the popularity and application of high-performance storage systems in a broader scope;
6. Supporting different operating system platforms.

NAS is defined as a special kind of dedicated data storage server, including storage devices (such as disk arrays, CD / DVD drives, tape drives or removable storage media) and embedded systems software, which can provide cross-platform file sharing. NAS usually occupies its own node on a LAN, without the intervention of the application server, allowing users to access data in the network. In this configuration, NAS centrally manage and process all data in the network and unload down the load from the application or enterprise server, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership and protect the investment.

NAS itself can support multiple protocols (such as NFS, CIFS, FTP, HTTP, etc.), and can support a variety of operating systems. By any workstation, using IE or Netscape browser you can conduct easy and intuitive management to NAS device.

NAS with a very good cost-effective, can meet the needs of those SMEs that wish to reduce storage costs but cannot afford the high price of SAN. What kinds of industries can use NAS equipment on earth? First, we should see whether the unit's core business is built on some kind of information systems, with high data security requirement; secondly, we should see whether the information system has already had or will have vast amounts of data to be saved, with high requirement to data management degree; Finally, you can determine whether there is heterogeneous platforms in the network, or in the future it will be used. As long as there is a positive answer to the questions above, then it is necessary to seriously consider the use of NAS devices.

Wherein, office automation system (OA) is the focus of enterprise informatization construction. The management and operation of modern enterprise units are inseparable from the computer and local area network. During the daily office management and operation by the use of network, enterprises will produce routine office documents, drawing files, ERP and other enterprise business data and personal information on many documents. A traditional internal LAN generally doesn’t have file servers and the above-mentioned data is generally stored in the employee's computer and the server, without a suitable device as a backup and storage application. Due to the low security level of PC and employees’ uneven safety awareness, the important data can easily be stolen, vandalized or lost due to hard disk failure.

To make the internal data of entire enterprise units get unified management and secure application, it is necessary to have a safe, good cost-effective, and convenient-to-use, easy-to-manage physical media to store and back up the internal data information of the enterprise. NAS network storage server is a server designed specially for file storage and backup, which is able to manage data information in the network reasonably effectively and securely and can be used as a backup device to back up database and other application data automatically to the NAS from time to time. Tianjin Raresoft provides professional and sound NAS solutions for enterprise customers with the needs.


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