Office System and Terminal Equipment Maintenance

Office System and Terminal Equipment Maintenance

Nowadays, a reliable and new desktop infrastructure is essential to the success of the enterprise. However, with the life cycle of hardware shortening, software applications growing and the work environment increasingly decentralized, the management and support of desktop infrastructure is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Tianjin Raresoft provides office systems and terminal equipment maintenance, by end-user services to help the enterprises to improve employee productivity and reduce operating costs.

Our service value of office systems and terminal equipment maintenance:

1. Desktop Management Service

It contains a full set of functions - antivirus, software distribution, application support, virtual assistance desktop, spam filters, software usage, backup and storage and password reset, so that enterprises employees can get rid of such complex problems as usual and improve work effectiveness.

2. Wireless Solutions Service

Have you ever thought to link mobile workers to increase their productivity, or use the wireless network to improve the flexibility of office space? Based on many years of experience we provide enterprises with high-efficiency and high-cost-effective wireless solutions that add new functions without increasing the burden to your staff. From consulting to implementation, we help customers use the network to do more work.

3. Converged Communication Service

Helping enterprises transplant the old-fashioned voice applications, data applications and security applications to a new generation of Internet-based technology by the use of more convenient transplanting methods, we can offer you a full set of services including consulting, integration and configuration, which is necessary for merging voice, data and security applications.

4. Infrastructure Recovery Service

The service we provide includes two core components: the assessment, design and planning of business continuity and the use of various resources to run critical applications in an accident shutdown condition under multi-platform IT environment, which help enterprises quickly and conveniently start a business continuity plan, when accidents happen, effectively protect your business and prevent the interruption of data processing.


Service Modes:

1. Telephone Support Service: just a phone call, you can get timely professional online support from Raresoft support center, solving your emergency need.

2. Remote Assistance Service: Raresoft support center use remote assistance software to help your employees solve problems encountered in the work, achieving "zero-day" service.

3. Engineer Door-to-door Service: engineers visit your place to diagnose your problem until the problem is solved.