Professional website design and production services

With first-class technical team, meticulous dedication and sincere service,
Raresoft provide you with the most professional website production and design services.
Sincerely for the sake of customers, it is our principles and operation philosophy upholding consistently to create value for customers by providing professional informatization platform and satisfactory web design and website establishment services.


Wonderful IdeasWonderful Ideas.

Good website comes from the wonderful ideas. With Raresoft’s professional design team, combined with the corporate culture, products and services, from website features design, to page layout and graphic design, we carefully prepare every detail to contribute to the promotion of enterprises, so that the website become the essential expression of the corporate cultural values.

Wonderful ideas, wonderful website, let’s achieve them together.


Professional SolutionsProfessional Solutions.

Raresoft follows the customer first. We use the most advanced program development language and the best development tools to provide our customers with fast and reliable programming. The front-end page of our the website is based on MVC model (Model View Controller), which has low coupling, high reusability, low life-cycle cost, quick deployment and high maintainability. The modular design of the website back-end also spares room for the future function expansion of the website.


The Best EffectThe Best Effect.

We offer web servers from a number of countries including China, the United States, Japan, with various lines, to provide stable and high-speed website access experience, combined with SEO (search engine optimization) technology to help corporate website occupy a leading position in the industry to gain brand benefits.

Based on today's most outstanding cloud server technology, through excellent anti-virus strategy and firewall strategy, we ensure the stable operation of the website server.


Why Choose Us . . .

Functional Structure

Good website architecture and easy-to-use access process provides a pleasant access experience for visitors.

Through deeply understanding customer’s needs, Raresoft help customers conduct the needs analysis of website’s function and structure and make website planning program book, making the website achieve greater value within a reasonable life cycle.

Graphic Art Design

Excellent graphic art design is critical to the website. Wonderful website graphic art is like a work of art, which can enhance the corporate image and enhance viewers’ recognition and rapport to the enterprise.

Raresoft strives to achieve the perfect fusion of sensory experience, interactive experience, browsing experience, emotional experience and trust experience, making the website become the first landscape of corporate image.

Page Layout

Have you ever heard of three clicks rules? For small websites, in your home, there is no piece of information, the number of whose click is more than three times. Large websites use the navigation and toolbar to improve operations.

Our website design is around website features and content, through simple and elegant page layout to realize the viewer’s quick opening, easy usage, faster and comprehensive understanding of corporate culture and related services and products.

Compatibility Design

Currently the browser viewing web is various from IE6 to IE11, as well as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, no one can predict which kind of browser the viewer will use on the earth to access the website.

We conduct the browser compatibility testing on customer’s each website, so that no matter which kind of browser visitors will use, they can enjoy a wonderful website experience.


Excellent front-end page program determines the webpage’s opening speed and usage experience. Based on advanced HTML5 + DIV + CSS architecture, complemented by excellent JavaScript program script, we give customers a carefree dripping access experience and interactive experience.

PHP + ZendFramework + MySQL

PHP is an excellent programming language of developing websites, and currently 70% of outstanding websites are written in PHP. We combine ZendFramework, PHP’s official program framework and the world's most popular MySQL database to customize website production for clients.

Perhaps the viewer cannot see the excellence of the website’s programming, but excellent programming is the basis of the quick access, stable operation and data security of the website.

Program Security

Our write every line of code carefully, consider every detail, and strive to achieve a more secure web program. Good programming guarantees website’s data security, which is the direction that Raresoft has been pursuing and will continue to achieve.

Maybe you do not know the code, but you must pay attention to data security, which we will achieve for you with all our hearts.


The front-end page of our the website is based on MVC model (Model View Controller), which is a kind of website program development that separates business logic and data display, with the advantages of low coupling, high reusability, low life-cycle cost, quick deployment, high maintainability and availing software engineered management. The modular design of the website back-end also spares room for the future function expansion of the website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO, namely search engine optimization. It is a way to increase the targeted website’s ranking in the related search engines by using the search rules of search engine. SEO is the website’s self-marketing solution in ecological way, which makes the website occupy a leading position in the industry and gain brand benefits.

We follow the W3C rules, through the white hat SEO means of homepage optimization, link optimization, keyword optimization and webpage structure optimization, to improve the website's ranking in search engines and make the website achieve greater promotional value.

Website Access Speed Optimization

Internet has a well-known principle of 8 seconds that when customers visit a web site, if the download time is too long, they will give up the access.

Raresoft through careful design of front-end page, back-end programs and stable servers, ensure excellent website access speed and provide visitors with the best website access experience.

We also provide a variety of server options for the visiting user groups from different countries and regions, to maximize the guarantee of the major viewer groups’ access experience.

Server Security

We carefully protect every website server, with excellent anti-virus strategy and firewall strategy to ensure the stable operation of servers.

Our servers are placed in the ISP equipment room that has many years of experience in operation and maintenance, with high-capacity, outlet bandwidth, year-round accessible guarantee, high-performance DDOS protection, and rapid fault recovery, which all provide extremely great technical support and service guarantees for the stable operation of website.

Cloud Server

Cloud Server effectively solves the defects of great management difficulty and weak business expansion existing in traditional physical hosts and VPS servers.

Cloud server provides convenient remote maintenance; rapidly reloads system; achieves complete isolation between the cloud hosts on the hardware level; internally installs redundant shared storage and intelligent backup; automatically restores physical server failures within minutes; uses high-end servers to deploy the service environment, and uses centralized management and monitoring to ensure the business is stable and reliable.