Security Burglar Alarm System

Security Burglar Alarm System

The equipment of security burglar alarm system is generally divided into front-end detectors and alarm controller. Alarm controller is a host to control such aspects as wired / wireless signal processing, the detection of system itself fault, power supply, signal input, signal output and built-in dialer, which is essential for a security burglar alarm system. The front-end detectors include intrusion detectors, environmental detectors and emergency call buttons.

Security alarm system refers to a device that causes alarm when an illegal intrusion into the prevention zone happens or the detection zone appears environmental police intelligence, which is used to signal that dangerous situations arise. Security burglar alarm system is to use the detector to organize a defence in key locations and regions inside and outside the building, which can promptly detect the illegal invasion and timely warn the persons concerned when the illegal intrusion is detected. It can also detect environmental police intelligence and warn the persons concerned when there are emergency situations of flooding, fire, etc..

We provide customers with multi-functional intelligent alarm system, which gives a warning in various ways of on-site alarm, telephone line alarm, phone cards alarm.

1. On-site alarm

The on-site alarm provided by Tianjin Raresoft transmits and remotely controls signals wirelessly and has the function of waterproof and tamper-proof protection, which solves the insecurity, inflexibility and other issues existing in the original on-site alarm system for customers.

2. Telephone line alarm

We offer our customers the latest intelligent telephone line alarm with LCD screen, telephone line links, stable signals, real-time and reliable alarm. When police intelligence happens, the host alarms on site and automatically gives a call to a telephone number that has been stored. When you are on a business trip, you can still remotely control the system to conduct fortification, disarm, monitor scene, and ensure that security support duress code can call the police in case of emergency. When the telephone line is unplugged or broken, the host will automatically ring to alarm, which solve the drawbacks of original telephone line alarm.

3. Phone card alarm

As today’s most comprehensive and efficient security alarm system, phone card alarm has many functions such as wireless encryption technology, remote interoperate of messaging and APP client, achieving remote disarming with zero cost, telephone remote control that comes with voice prompts, supporting WIFI, supporting plugging card, video recording, two-way voice intercom, supporting mobile phone surveillance, supporting infrared night vision, firewall, making sure the information will not be lost after a power failure, detecting bad guys’ intrusion, fire, smoke and gas leaks etc..