Application and Infrastructure Software

Application and Infrastructure Software

Application software is the part, which is designed to meet the users’ application needs of different fields and different issues, including office software, financial software, internet software, multimedia software, analysis software, collaboration software, OA system, ERP system.

With new IT technologies becoming ever-changing, enterprises implant the new technology into system, but also worried that the implementation process will affect the business and subsequent "rejection" may cause more trouble. Raresoft offer evaluation, architecture, planning, design, implementation follow-up support and other services to most of software products. Whether your products come from Raresoft or not, our application and infrastructure software management services can help you reduce the risk of new products, reduce resource constraints, make technology investments achieve greater value.

Depending on your needs, our experienced IT engineers will help you quickly achieve a smooth configuration of new technology.

1. Design and Planning Services

Through careful planning, to conduct effective implementation of software products, which help you smoothly transit from the existing environment to the new production environment, to avoid the flaws and errors of design and implementation.

2. Implementation Service

To assist with the implementation and development of new software technology, as well as the transplant of servers, storage, and data between different platforms.

3. On-site Support Service

To provide on-site support at the aspect of product use, system management and troubleshooting etc., you are free to choose the most appropriate level of service.

Services include computer performance optimizing service, computer hardware and software installation and commissioning services, computer hardware and software upgrades assessment services, enterprise-wide computer software training service, professional and comprehensive operation and maintenance support services.